Rooftop rental 50 kW

Our reversible air conditioning units with direct expansion (Roof Top) will allow you to air condition or heat medium or large volumes via duct connections in fresh air or return air operation. Our equipment has a variable air flow rate.


24/7 on-call

Choice of lease term

Without fixed capital investment

ReferenceCRT50 CIATCRT50 Lennox
Rated power cooling52 kW48 kW
Heat nominal power36 kW38 kW
Max. air flow10,000 m³/h10,000 m³/h
Available pressure650 PA650 PA
Maximum outdoor temperature35 °C35 °C
T°C cold air inlet outlet+28/+14 °C+28/+14 °C
T°C warm air inlet outlet+16/+32 °C+16/+32 °C
Blowing diameter1 x 500 mm1 x 500 mm
Diameter reduction1 x 500 mm1 x 500 mm
Electrical power cold/hot21/35 kW21/35 kW
Nominal current / start-up92/120 A86/171 A
Power supply 400 V TRI +T 400 V TRI +T
Power cable section4 x 50 mm² (4 x 50 mm²)4 x 35 mm² (4 x 35 mm²)
PHYSICALSkW27 (+12/25°C)
Size3,100 x 2,300 x 1,230 mm2 600 x 1 200 x 1 580 mm
Empty weight1,014 kg760 kg
Noise level at 10 metres57 dB (A)61 dB(A)