We are proud to present our latest 5 MW boiler, which joins our large family!

These boiler plants are mobile and flexible, designed to meet all your needs, whether for small or large projects.
Thanks to regulated or constant flow, these systems maintain an ideal temperature in all circumstances! And for those of you wondering “Until when?” Well, as long as you like, because you can choose the rental period.

Our SuperTibb teams are available 24/7 to deliver, install and commission your equipment.

In terms of energy, they use premium FOD, biofuel or gas. Our new boiler rooms are classified as low NOx.

And the highlight of the show, remote supervision via TIBBACCESS to reduce downtime by monitoring and reporting all data.

Get in touch with us today to benefit from our hot power boosters!


Use our oil-fired boilers to quickly provide extra power or a temporary mobile boiler room for scheduled or emergency work. Easy to position (free choice of location), our premium oil-fired boilers are delivered, installed and started up by our teams.

Gas-fired boilers: simple energy supply, optimized energy costs for the long term.

Did you know that we have our own manufacturing department?

Our in-house welding department goes far beyond simple metal connections, taking care of the design, drawings and sizing of our equipment.
All our welding is carried out by our experts, Yann and Christopher.

Their work includes :

By bringing this service in-house, we can be independent and responsive to your needs. This allows us to adapt to your needs and avoid the additional costs associated with subcontracting. We have direct control over the quality standards required, and combine our services (design, engineering, welding, sales) to meet your most complex needs.

Ho ho ho, the Tibbloc teams wish you a very happy holiday season!

As tradition would have it, we celebrated our famous Ugly Sweater Day, where a surprise awaited those who dared to wear the ugliest sweaters. So, have you guessed who the winners are?

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you.

A lot is happening in 2024, stay tuned!

Even during the holiday season, we’re available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our teams here.



Tibbloc has a team of around twenty Field Technicians available 24/7, ready to meet your needs.

Our strength lies in our mobility throughout France and Europe, including the Benelux countries of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Whether you need regular technical assistance, an emergency response or remote technical support, we’re here to help.
Our team provides fast, efficient service to meet your requirements.

We pride ourselves on our agility and responsiveness, enabling us to solve your technical problems quickly.

Contact us here!

On Friday October 6, Cœur d’Essonne Agglomération attended the inauguration of our new Paris branch and presented Tibbloc in its “economic development” newsletter.

This shows that Tibbloc is recognized and appreciated by local players. We are convinced that we can contribute to the region’s economic development by offering innovative and sustainable solutions to our customers.

Read the article here!

📢 Check out Bastien & Yann’s exclusive interview in International Rental News, talking about Tibbloc’s rise in steam boiler rental at the ERA Annual Convention in Maastricht! 🔥❄️

Read the article here :


Installation of 8 MW of heat for tests at a research center.

Our contribution included: 2 x 3 MW boilers, 1 x 2 MW boiler, 5 x 3 MW heat exchangers, 3 pump skids, 5 x 3 V valve skids, 2 x FOD tanks and no less than 465 meters of hose.

Thanks to the commitment of our teams, this complex project was completed in a record time of just one month.

All our services worked for the project:

All of which testifies to our ability to meet substantial needs in demanding fields. At Tibbloc, we’re always ready to take on technical challenges and contribute to the development of cutting-edge projects.

We look forward to continuing to work with our partners on new challenges, while contributing to the research and development of our company.

[Inauguration]🎉 A memorable moment!

On Friday, October 6, we inaugurated our new Paris branch in Saint-Germain-Lès-Arpajon!

The inauguration of our new Paris branch in Saint-Germain-Lès-Arpajon was a memorable moment for our company. We were delighted to see so many customers, service providers and institutions attend the event and help make the day special. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to all those who attended and took part in the inauguration.

We recognize the importance of continuing to work with you to meet your needs for heating, cooling, steam and compressed air solutions. We look forward to working with you and providing you with the best possible service.

We’ve got lots of new products coming soon, so stay tuned for all the innovations we’ve got in store for you!

[Seminar] 🎉📆 We rounded off two incredible days at our annual seminar on 21 and 22 September!

Annual seminars are always a moment of great importance for companies. It’s a chance for employees to meet, discuss their ideas and projects, and strengthen their team spirit.

Tibbloc’s annual seminar was a great success. Participants had the opportunity to share their ideas, discuss their objectives and celebrate their successes.

The Olympics provided an opportunity for team building and friendly competition.

Tibbloc employees were thanked for their commitment, loyalty and skills, which have contributed to the company’s development.

We are convinced that the coming year will be full of success and growth for Tibbloc.

Onwards to another year of success and growth! 🚀💼

Eric Merilhou, CEO of TIBBLOC, tells us about his SCYFCO adventure.

Interview summary:

Eric Merilhou’s testimonial illustrates the quality of SCYFCO’s services. The training offered enables us to work on key skills such as self-confidence and confidence in others, reflection, mutual support, collective construction and the definition of positions and roles. These invaluable tools are useful for coping with unforeseen professional events and managing organizational change. That’s why SCYFCO is the partner of choice for developing team skills and contributing to business success.

Full interview :

Why choose SCYFCO? How did you hear about SCYFCO? What exactly are you looking for?

This is the third time I’ve worked with SCYFCO, the first being via an Executive MBA I did at ESSEC, during which we went to Coequidan for an extended weekend. The experience was incredible: group effect, iconic location, a truly exceptional performance. As part of my job, I wanted to share this experience with managers, so we organized a one-day training course near Chambéry, where we put together a customized program with the trainer. Today, I’m in charge of another company and I wanted to repeat the successful experience with SCYFCO, so we went to Quiberon for a 1.5-day event.

What were your fears on D-1? What about your employees?

No apprehension on my part, I knew what to expect even though the commando initiation part was unknown to me, but the theme and principle were there. As for my collaborators, they weren’t informed of the activity they were going to carry out, so this gave way to a lot of spontaneity and allowed them to let go very quickly.

What did you get out of the course? Your immediate assessment.

Once again, a wonderful experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. When you’re a civilian and take this type of training, you remember it forever. The results were very positive and the teams were delighted. My teams were impressed by what they were able to do, both individually and collectively. Some of the challenges required a bit of thought, but above all, they needed to help each other out and trust each other. We discover that together we can achieve what we never imagined we could alone. The construction of the bridge is a perfect example.

And today, with this hindsight, what tools do you use?

Today, everyone has this in the back of their mind, and it rises quickly and naturally to the surface in times of need, i.e. professional emergencies, unforeseen events or organizational changes, trust remains present. The definition of positions and roles for everyone in meetings or on projects was quickly tamed at TIBBLOC.

Many thanks to Eric Merilhou, TIBBLOC, Hilaire COURAU, Yannick Salinas.

Tibbloc is expanding!

To strengthen our regional coverage, we are delighted to announce the opening of our new branch in the Grand-Est region, in Woippy.

It’s ideally located, at the junction of the A4 and A31 motorways, 15 minutes from Metz centre, 1 hour from Nancy, 1 hour from Luxembourg, 2 hours from Reims and 2 hours from Strasbourg.

To get there, click here: https://goo.gl/maps/dovzwhWY1f8y6Tb46

See you soon!

In 2022, to better support your energy transition projects – energy savings, decarbonisation, recovered energies – your service availability commitments and your security of critical utilities in healthcare, service sector and industrial processes.

Tibbloc has decided to intensify and diversify its offer in multi-energy with investments in equipment and the integration of about ten experienced and specialised employees.

It therefore seemed natural that our website should evolve to present our new offers and reflect our vision.

New Tibbloc website

Our Sales Team

Close to you and attentive to your needs, we are available to meet with you, study your project and offer you an adapted, safe, efficient and turnkey solution. We have designed our new website with their collaboration and this through your numerous feedbacks which they knew how to value and report.

The whole Tibbloc team

Shares an exceptional wealth in the diversity of its talents and in its daily commitment to your service. With our new website, discover the faces and testimonies of our teams, our human values and our recruitment offers