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Need temporary compressed air for your industrial projects? Whether on a construction site, in a manufacturing plant, an automotive repair shop or even a water treatment plant.
Our compressors provide the pneumatic power needed to power a range of tools and equipment, to take over your process and to provide drying services. Discover the full range here!

🌿 Respect for the environment
🔇 Low noise level
💧 Class 0: ISO 8573-1 for certified 100% oil-free air
📲 Advanced control via a Sigma control 2 control panel and web teleconsultation of air compressor status.
📊Variable speed control for energy savings and adaptability to your installation

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New generation air compressor rental

New generation of our outdoor air compressors for rent.
Since the launch of our new compressed air and air dryer range, our team of welders have been manufacturing the frames with the aim of making them functional outdoors.

Thanks to our team in Nantes, Yann Perron, Christopher Vilquin and Mickaël Richardeau for this exclusive TIBBLOC product.