Fuel boiler room rental 290 kW

Benefit quickly from additional power or a temporary mobile boiler room during your scheduled or emergency work thanks to our fuel boiler rooms. Easy to position (free choice of location), our rented fuel boilers are delivered, installed and put into operation on a turnkey basis by our teams.

Complete boiler room: oil burner, expansion tank, primary and recirculation pump, distribution panels, safety devices, isolation valve, single stainless steel chimney, anti-panic door, high flow trap, regulated flow with 3-way valve.

Recent, high-performance equipment. No Capex with rental solutions

Choice of rental period, controlled costs Immediate response to the emergency, delivered, installed and commissioned by our teams.

90% nominal efficiency, minimum.

Fuel delivery on request.

Nominal powerkW290
kcal/h249 400
Temperature of hot water outlet°C60 to 90
Pump flow ratem3/h12.5
nominal DT water inlet/outlet°C20
Pump availability pressuremCE5
Expansion vessel volumeL100
Start controlConstant
Max fuel consumptionL/h29
Hydraulic connection / FlangesDN 80 PN16
Electrical connection A400 TRI+N+T 16A
Noise level at 10 metresdB (A)43
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