Service follow-up


Emergency Response

Our in-house team responds to any of your urgent requests in case of breakdown on your permanent installation. To guarantee the continuity of services, we will ensure the quickest delivery of our rental equipment, where and when you need us.

Phone Assistance

At Tibbloc, we provide you a 24/7 technical and commercial assistance by phone.


We provide a machine breakdown insurance including a guarantee of material damage reaching suddenly and fortuitously machines when they are at the location of the risk (s) specified in the contract and according to the table of guarantees available to you.

In particular, fire damage due to human factors and / or technical factors is guaranteed.


Thermal energy meter

With energy meter and calculator: consumption over several months, measurement of flow and temperatures (flow and return).

GSM information report

Real-time information on anomalies that can occur on the equipment: general default, compressor, pumps, temperature (high and low alarm).

A la carte After-sales Service

On specific enquiry, our Teams can complement the teams of your installation company.


After setting up a Safety, Health and Environment management system, Tibbloc obtained the MASE Certification in November 2016.

The objective of the MASE management system is the sustainable and continuous improvement of the company’s Safety Health Environment performance.

This system, designed by manufacturers serving manufacturers, consists of:

  • Improving security through a management system adapted to the company,
  • Better organizing, communicating, improving the conditions of intervention of employees,
  • Putting in place a common language in order to progress together.

The certification is issued by the common system MASE-UIC.