A specialised engineering team

Our teams are at your disposal to define with you or your design office, the best technical solutions to meet your need for heating and / or hot water production, steam, cooling and air conditioning.


France and Europe

We deliver equipment in France and Europe with flatbed trucks or crane arms. All our equipment are delivered in perfect working order. On delivery, we give you the technical file. We take care of the handling operations related to the unloading of equipment on site and their decommissioning at the end of hire.

Reliable deliveries

Our handling equipment (Hyster forklift …) allow us to provide reliable delivery times: with a capacity of 12 tons, these materials based at our services centres, allow us to load and unload our boilers or chillers quickly and efficiently.


Our on-site services

Our teams of technicians perform the installation and commissioning of our boiler rooms and cooling equipment:

  • Assistance in unloading and setting up
  • Hydraulic connections with hoses up to your pending clamps
  • Fuel / gas supply connections
  • Electrical connections
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Launching – Hydraulic check and safety check
  • Burner settings – Combustion analysis
  • Verification of overheating and subcooling
  • Control of antifreeze protection for negative cooling circuits
  • Decommissioning of boiler rooms and cooling equipment at the end of hire


Fuel management (fueling / refueling)

With a dedicated service, Tibbloc ensures the delivery of fuel during installation and during the operation of its equipment. You benefit from an optimization of fuel deliveries and a guarantee on the total quality of the fuel used.

The use of a regulated fuel is a determining factor for the performance and durability of our equipment. By ensuring the supply of fuel, Tibbloc complies with the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods by land (TDG and ADR).

Fuel monitoring

In charge of the monitoring, Tibbloc’s mission is to avoid downtime due to lack of fuel and to provide a secure autonomous service. For a perfect coordination during the deliveries, our tanks can be delivered with full.

Note: A fuel failure requires the restarting of the fuel system and the restarting of the burner and the entire boiler room by an authorized technician. A lack of fuel can also damage mechanical parts.

Our fuel service includes:

  • Optimization of filtration systems
  • The respect of the fuel quality standards and the guaranteed heat output
  • Management of administrative procedures (orders and invoices)
  • Financial management (fuel payment law)
  • Management of the withdrawal at the end of the service


Revision of the material in our yards
Our teams of technicians review the equipment after each rental according to a protocol specific to each equipment. They ensure the change of wear parts, sweeping, adjustments, cleaning.

Tests on load banks
Our load banks make it possible to test our boiler plants and our cooling equipment, to make them work by creating a thermal load. The efficiency and the heating / cooling capacity are also checked. This guarantees a delivered equipment in perfect working order.

Sealing checks
We check the tightness of the refrigerant circuit and the refrigerant charge.

All our equipment is stored in our yards in the best conditions.


In-house Tibbloc team

Our integrated team responds to your urgent requests in case of breakdown or failure on your permanent installations. To guarantee the continuity of services, we will quickly delivery the equipement that is right for you.


Thermal energy meter: with energy meter and calculator: monitoring consumption over several months, measurement of flow and temperatures (flow and return).

GSM information report: Real-time information on anomalies that may occur on the equipment: general default, compressor, pump, temperature (high and low alarm).


Our rates are  adapted to the rental period.
Our leases are for a period of one week to several years.

  • LocExpress / Weekly
  • LocMensuelle from 1 month to 4 months
  • LocChauffe from 5 to 12 months
  • LocPlus + from 12 months and up

For more information, contact us.