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A leading specialist in the rental of heating and cooling solutions


We provide efficient rental cooling solutions for any residential or industrial cooling needs : chiller hire, air handler hire, dry cooler hire, air conditioner hire and cold room hire


Tibbloc provides a wide range of equipment to fit any of your temporary cooling needs, from chilled water production, air treatment, air conditioning to the temporary cooling of cold stores.

Whether you are a facilities management company, a contractor, an engineering office, a manufacturing plant, an event company or a farm company, Tibbloc puts the know-how of its employees at the service of your projects: a careful study of your specifications, customized consultancy services, in line with your technical requirements and meeting your budgets.

Committed to the quality of our services, we propose customised solutions. This service of excellence relies on a personalized attention to our customers and the implementation of the necessary resources to deliver turnkey optimal solutions :

  • Whatever the nature of your needs: industrial cooling, modernization works, upgrades, extensions, building to be refreshed temporarily…
  • Whatever your situation: construction time delay, mandatory cooling back-up, cooling system breakdowns, refreshment, staggered investments …
    Tibbloc offers a fleet of high quality, efficient and reliable equipment. All our solutions are made from specifications specially designed for rental, so they are particularly robust and manageable.

Our equipment: water-cooled chillers, air handling units, dry-coolers, air conditioners, cold rooms …, are maintained with care and are subject to regular inspections and revisions. Before departure to our customers, our equipment is tested on test bench and the tightness of our refrigeration circuits is rigorously checked.