Rental of air coolers Low temperature EVAB50 EVAB100

50 KW and 100 KW low-temperature coils for air-conditioning a warehouse at low temperatures.

Accuracy of the air temperature through integrated control chain (3-way control valve)

Nominal power54 kW100 kW
Fan air flow rate32 000 m3/h7 500 m3/h
Inlet / outlet temperature-8° / -4 °C-8° / -4 °C
Ambient temperature2 °C2 °C
Water flow rate71.78 m3/h73 m3/h
Glycol water flow rate-10°/-5°-10°/-5°
FluidMonopropylene WATERMonopropylene WATER
Nominal current (during defrost)52 A20 A
Power supply400 V TRI +T400 V TRI +T
Power cable section2 x 5 G6 mm²2 x 5 G6 mm²
Electrical connection VentilationP17 32 AP17 32 A
Electrical connection DefrostingP 17 63 AP 17 63 A
P 17 63 ADN50 / P17 32 ADN50 / P17 32 A
MONO4.3 m4.3 m
Hydraulic ConnectionsDN50DN50
Noise level at 10 metres56 db(a)52 db(a)
Size4.3x1.05x1.50 L x W x H1.975x0.460x0.487 L x W x H
Weight650 Kg110 Kg
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